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Common Sidewalk Repair Issues to Watch For

Common sidewalk repairs

One of the responsibilities that's associated with owning property in Brooklyn is taking care of the sidewalks. It's a mandatory obligation that comes with the territory, quite literally.

Unique to this part of the country, residential and commercial property owners often find out the hard way that they need to stay current with the upkeep of their walkways. Usually, they find out by receiving a notification of a Department of Transportation (DOT) violation repairs.

While the violation can lead to penalties, it's meant to act as a reminder and not a form of punishment.

However, failure to comply in the alloted time of 75 days and the DOT will do the work or bring in a contractor to complete the work. This plus your fines will cost a lot more than choosing your own private contractor for sidewalk repair service.

Public Sidewalk Repairs You May Run Into

It may be your property, but the public sidewalk is yours to maintain. What would our city and Burroughs be if not for the continuous miles of walkways used for pedestrian foot traffic?

Neglecting these pathways can lead to fines, personal injuries, or property damage. Don't wait for the Department of Transportation to put you on notice that you need repairs.

Watch for common issues that develop and get proactive about preventative care:

  • Holes
  • Cracks
  • Gaps
  • Settlement
  • Elevation

If it looks bad, it's probably a concern for more than just the aesthetics. However, get rid of trip hazards, and you'll also be protecting the integrity of your sidewalks.

Not to mention, your home or business will look a whole lot better with your sidewalks and curbs well-maintained. Surface cracks may begin as only cosmetic concerns but will quickly develop into deeper cracks and bigger problems.

Calling in the Right Experts for the Job

The only other concern is finding the right company to trust. Local home and commercial property owners here trust our team at Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair.

We're experts in this line of work, and that includes being familiar, experienced, current with DOT violation repair guidelines. Our job is to mend your walkways, but our goal is to provide exceptional service for each of our customers.

The point is to stop putting off until tomorrow what we can take care of for you today! Call us and schedule an appointment for your essential sidewalk repair service in Brooklyn.

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