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We Service Sidewalk Repair for Local Customers

Concrete sidewalk repair

Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair is honored to be a local Brooklyn resource for superior sidewalk repair. It's no secret that repairs for walkways are a severe matter here, as well as the property owner's responsibility.

By now, you've either noticed you need repairs, or you've been made aware of repair needs by being issued DOT Violation repairs. The sooner that you familiarize yourself with the way things work around here when it comes to sidewalk repair, the better off you'll be.

A notification from The Department of Transportation that you need repairs isn't meant to be a form of punishment. This is to make a property owner aware of existing issues and allow for a certain number of days to make repairs.

Failure to comply will result in penalties. Plus, the DOT will use a contractor of their choice to complete the work, and that's going to come at a higher price than if you selected your contractor.

Taking Care of Residential and Commercial Property Owners

There are many factors that determine how frequently you'll need a sidewalk repair service.

  • Quality of Concrete
  • Amount of Pedestrian Traffic
  • Age of the Sidewalk
  • Weather Conditions for the Year
  • Nearby Trees

In other words, the reasons that you end up with damaged walkways are all over the place. There are so many details that factor into the equation.

Obviously, if you get high-quality service from the start, you'll have better concrete. Settling for inferior materials or pouring is going to lead to frequent repairs.

Maintaining the concrete over the years is also a surefire way to limit the number of repairs that you end up needing. However, it can boil down to luck or the weather that year, so be prepared to take action as soon as you know you require repair service.

Dealing With DOT Violations & Removals

As it currently stands, property owners are obligated to take care of the following services for their sidewalks using their own financial funding:

  • Construct
  • Install
  • Repair
  • Repave
  • Replace
  • Reconstruct

If a walkway adjacent to your property is found to be defective or damaged, that's when a violation is issued. Also, as it currently stands, property owners have 75 days to rectify the situation.

Once repairs are made, the sidewalk is re-inspected, and, if the work meets DOT standards, the violation is removed. Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair is a trusted resource for this work and will be there when you need us.

Don't let sidewalk repair in Brooklyn get away from you - call us now for repair work.

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